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Think about your clothing and accessories. Think about the tones of the clothes so that they match (eg mother and son, father and daughter in similar colors). Light and pastel tones work well in the picture. Avoid large patterns, logos and images on clothes, iron clothes if necessary. 

For best results, I recommend professional photo makeup.


Things that are important to you (a child's favorite toy) or just a nice accessory (such as hats, flowers, balloons, a picnic basket and a linen) are welcome. Pets are also welcome but please let me know in advance.


in studio

I rent a studio in Pärnu -  NL Photo Studio - Rüütli 14, 2nd floor

If you want to wear shoes during photoshoot, bring clean and dry shoes.

You can cancel booking up to 48 hours before the start of the booked time, in which case the prepayment can be refunded.

Baby first

The best time to take a picture of a newborn is on 5th-10th day after birth, because in the very first days of life they sleep a lot. My style is natural and clear, I keep this line when taking pictures of the baby. I also take some pictures with parents and siblings.

The newborn photoshoot lasts 1-2 hours, time includes feeding, changing and everything baby needs at the time. I take pictures of babies both in the studio and, if desired, at the baby's home.  

When you come to the photoshoot with your newborn, choose clothing that can be undressed with minimal disturbance. 


The babies feels the mood around them very well, so it is very important that the atmosphere around them during the photoshoot is relaxed and happy. The more carefree an adult is, the calmer the baby will be.



Buduaarisessioonile tulles püüa valida riideid ja pesu, mis on vabad ja ei jäta kehale soonivaid jälgi, püüa vältida soonivat pesu, soonivaid sokke, teksapükse.

Fotosessiooni jaoks valitud riided võta eraldi kaasa. Saame koos mõelda läbi, mis järjekorras ja mida kasutame. Kui kahtled, mida võtta, mida jätta, siis võta pigem mitu varianti. Buduaarisessioonile võta julgelt kaasa mitu komplekti riideid - pesukomplektid, bodid, siidist hommikumantel, mõni lohvakam riideese, mida mõnusalt peale tõmmata - mis iganes sind kõnetab.

Võid vabalt võtta kaasa mõned kingad, ehted jms. Samuti annab nahale värskust ja kaunist jumet kehaõli või mõnusa kumaga kehakreem. Saad seda stuudios peale kanda.



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